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У нас родились котята окрасов: голубой, лиловый, шоколадный, чёрный, колор пойнт, биколор!

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WCF International Cat Show SELENA TIGER, 7.04.18 - 8.04.18
 Our beloved boy Forbes from Criative Diamonds (11 months old) closed the title of Champion and opened the title of Inter Champion
7.04 - EX1, CAC, NOM BIS
8.04 - EX1, CACIB, NOM BIS
Colour cat show - 3 place
Owner: Natalja Terestsenko 

We are happy and proud!
WCF WORLD CAT SHOW 31.03.-01.04.2018, Riga, Latvia
PLATINUM of Morning Camelot - became a Champion of Europe🏆
Our cattery won a second place in competition between catteries of all breeds.

  •  First exhibition for Kesha went very well. She was at the expo for one day and got amazing grades from judge. And went to her new lovely home. She will stay under our cattery and will be a part of our breeding program