Ira Bonheur

✅Our kittens live in the Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Norway, Sweden, , Switzerland, Lithuania, Estonia. Feel free to ask about delivery to your country 😻 🛫 🚗

Приглашенные судьи:

 Dieter Meister, Germany (AB,WCF)
 Marion Meister, Germany (AB,WCF)
 Igors Mihailovs, Russia (AB,WCF)
Наши результаты:
4 октября:
Arnold  - САС (Dieter Meister)
Platinum of Morning Camelot - EX2 (Marion Meister)
Jessi - EX3 (Dieter Meister)
Kler from Criative Diamonds - EX2 (Dieter Meister)
Aurelia Amber Sharlotte - CACJ (Dieter Meister), BIS nom
Litter E - EX3 (Dieter Meister)

5 октября:

Arnold - САС (Igors Mihailovs) became CHAMPION
Platinum of Morning Camelot - САС (Dieter Meister), BEST of BREED, BIS nom
Jessi - EX2 (Igors Mihailovs), Best of Opposite Sex
Adorable Diva Renescence - EX (Igors Mihailovs)
Aurelia Amber Sharlotte - CACJ (Igors Mihailovs), BIS nom
Litter E - EX1 (Igors Mihailovs)

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