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Приглашены судьи:

Anna Nazarova, Russia (AB, WCF)
Andreas Mōbius, Germany (AB, WCF)
Genevieve Paquet-Franc, Belgium (AB, WCF)
Aija Nuķe, Latvija (3., 4. kat, WCF)


Adorable Diva Renascence - EX1, CAC, BIS - Genevieve Paquet-Franc
PRADA from Criative Diamonds - EX1, CAC - Andreas Mōbius
Arnold - EX2 - Genevieve Paquet-Franc

2 day
Platinum of Morning Camelot - CACE - Aija Nuķe
Adorable Diva Renascence - EX1, CAC - Aija Nuķe
PRADA from Criative Diamonds - EX1, CAC - Anna Nazarova