What kittens will choose pate for kitten or milk Cocktail from quail eggs for our kittens. We have got a quail eggs. We need to whip them. We take a couple eggs and add to them a little bit of 10% cream. Whip them. We got a healthy and tasty cocktail. Let's take a look if our kittens will like this cocktail. We are feeding our cats and kittens with meat, that passed the veterinary control. We are giving raw meat without processing and freezing. There is no point in that, because with freezing all parasite and their larva don't die. Healthy cat that are eating meat, stomach acidity is very high, and it destroys all pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. For 10 years of our cattery we never saw worms on our cats and kittens. Prevention of worms we do like in rules before the vaccination and before sending our kittens to the new home. For adult cats, it is advisable to do prophylaxis 2 times a year, in spring and autumn.