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  •  Cats have super night vision — their oval-shaped pupils can widen and narrow very quickly to control how much light comes into their eyes.

  • The myth that a cat has such a small brain and is unable to remember something for more than a few seconds is incorrect. A cat has been tested for memory and shows a capacity to remember events up to 16 hours after they have happened.

  • Studies show that the regions of the brain are connected in the same way as a human brain. Cats and dogs also have five basic senses. There is a short and long-term memory function in both dogs and cats.

  • In order to understand your pet, it is important to realize that the brains of cats and dogs function in a similar way to humans, with all the emotions humans can feel.

  • Cat Facts Scientific American states a cat's brain has more data storage than an iPad and can operate a million times faster. In fact, the article states the brain has 1,000 times more storage ability (Fischetti, 2017)

  • IBM created a computer to simulate a cat's brain. The computer required close to 25,000 processors. For a human brain, International Business Machines (IBM), a leading US computer manufacturing company, would have to use 880,000 processors.

  • Research has shown that cats and dogs can solve simple puzzles in order to obtain food. However, when the puzzle is unsolvable, dogs will look to humans for help, whereas cats will keep trying.