Our cats and kittens are our world. We are putting in them not only our soul but also all of our time. That's why at the end of the day we have kittens with strong character, they are becoming perfect companions whom find their homes in different countries. We receive many requests on kittens, that's why we have paid waiting list (advance 100 euro), to be able to filter seriously interested faces from "time wasters". Later this amount will be subtracted from the full price as soon as you will choose your kitten. We love our kittens as our family members, that's why it is very important for us to know who is asking for our kitten. 

For the enquire please include:

Name, Surname

Country you are living

Color of the kitten, shorthair or longhair, gender

Working/free time

Do you have other pets?

Please notice that deposit is not refundable. Hope that you didn't take decision to own a kitten lightly. It's a decision that comes with responsibility for +- 16 years

please write 📩